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Dorset and Wilts Under 17s & 18 Merit Tables

Dorset&Wilts U17 U18 Merit Tables and Cups 2016-17

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A referee feedback form for all U14-U18 games, friendly of competition society or club ref can be found here, please consider carefully what you write and be constructive in any criticism.

Clash of Colours

The competition Committee have declared that the most consistent position is that in junior rugby the home team changes and in SW Senior rugby the away team changes – until the SW changes its mind.  It has been discussed several times since they decided to differ from the RFU. So in Colts Cup and Merit Table matches the home team changes.  We will amend Appendix 3 for next season.  It does mean that U17 Cup qualifiers going into the SW and RFU stages will also find consistency, the home team changes.

Competition Admin

Results may now be tweeted to @colts_d  for South, Dorset & Knock-Outs) or @RitsonsResults (for NorthEast/West)These are private twitter accounts set up by Adam Wookey  & Pete Ritson for this purpose only. They are NOT endorsed by Dorset and Wilts CB, but we have them running as an experiment for a second season to see if it is a good use of social media for result management.

Dorset & Wilts RFU organise three different competitions that clubs with Under 17 and Under 18 players may enter.  They are:

Under 18 Merit Tables.  All Dorset & Wilts clubs may enter up to two teams. Clubs from neighbouring CBs may apply to take part at the Competitions Committee’s discretion.  Cluster Teams may apply to enter, i.e. 2 or more clubs unable to form their own team may join together to enter as long as they do so for the whole season and have published administrative arrangements clearly understood, agreed and authorised.  Teams will usually be of joint age grades in accordance with RFU Regulations - Under 18 & Under 17 with Under 16 as permitted - but may be solely of one age grade. This season we have drawn groups playing in geographic areas for the first part of the season, the results from these small groups feed a second tier based on position in the first group. A final tier is played for the Trophies under U18 cup/plate etc.

Teams drawn solely from Under 17 and below would usually play in the lower level, unless agreed to be exceptionally talented.  Restrictions apply to established “A” teamers being selected to play in a “B” team at the lower level.

All fixtures are published on the RFU web and show PLAY BY dates. Postponements will ONLY be permitted in case of unforeseen weather/pitch situations making games unsafe.    

Under 18 Knock-Out Cup. This season this is the final part of the Merit Fixtures and not run as a separate competition. It provides Finals at various levels based on position after the second phase rounds of the Merit tables

Under 17 Knock-Out Cup. The U17 Cup competition is played before Christmas and is only open to Dorset & Wilts, clubs drawing on players from their own membership at Cup level or composite teams in the Plate. Plate and Bowl competitions are offered as for the U18.   As per last season the Cup finalists are both nominated to represent Dorset & Wilts RFU in the South West and National Under 17 Competitions unless a club declines to take part,  Semi-finalists to the RFU Plate, Bowl finalists to the RFU Bowl and Plate Finalists to the RFU Shield– the draws may require a team to travel as far as Cornwall or North Bucks.  There are 4 tiers to these competitions which take place from the end of February: Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.  The finals are played at a premiership ground (Previously this has been played at the AJ Bell (Sale) stadium

Match Arrangements.  

The dates shown on the calendar and Fixture list are “Play By Dates”. Matches may be played at any time prior to the shown date If no other arrangements are made it will be assumed that kick off is 2 PM on the Sunday. It is the home side's responsibility to inform Adam, Pete or Dave of any changes so that we can inform the referee society.The home side is responsible for ensuring a referee is provided if a Society ref is not appointed, else the match is conceded.  The schedule of fixtures as promulgated must be adhered to and the agreement of the competition administrator is to be obtained before any changes to match arrangements can be made. The competition administrator will reschedule games to the next available Sunday if no compromise is found.

Administration.   All players must have RFU Youth Registration for the club they represent.  All players must be registered BEFORE they play - Reg 15.15 refers. Please check on GMS before putting a new player on the pitch that their registration has been completed. Match cards with PENDING against a player will be considered as a breach of competition rules. - this applies to all competitions from U14 to U18

Match results are to be reported  before 5.30pm each match day (or as soon as practical for evening fixtures), by the home team (or the winning team at a neutral venue).  Match report cards are to be submitted, completed as specified in the regulations.  Administrative contacts are:

Competition Director:  Clive Drake          07967 808515   

(Responsible for Entries, Table composition, Cup draws, pre-season scheduling and appeals.)

U17/U18 Cup Administrator:  Dave Wookey  07850 625018  (Cup results & re-scheduling in season, receipt & collation of match cards also CB Youth Registrar, registration checks, advice on registration & safeguarding.)

Merit Table Administrator: Adam Wookey        07990 587812 

(Merit Table results and re-scheduling for Dorset & South league's, overall competition policy)

League Sec for all Wilts/Bath/North leagues :Pete Ritson 07545 382683 

(Merit Table results and re-scheduling for Bath/North/Wilts leagues) 07545 382683 

Twitter account for Results - @colts_d  and @RitsonsResults  (for NorthEast/West)These are private twitter accounts set up by Adam Wookey and Pete Ritson for receipt and display of Colts results ONLY, They are not official D&W CB accounts.

If you want to receive e-mail updates from any of the administrators please let David have your e-mail address.